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Welcome to the Secret War

The ravages of World War 2 are plunging the world into chaos.  While countless everyday soldiers give their lives to bring down the Axis threat, there is another, secret conflict, fought in the shadows by soldiers of a  different sort. As vile Nazi sorcerors and mad scientists scour the earth for esoteric secrets that can be used to bring the Allies to their knees, a small group of defenders seek to stop them.  This is their story.

Within the British intelligence apparatus, Section M is the secret branch that deals with fighting the occult Axis threat, and within that branch, the Special Paranormal Exploration and Reconnaissance, or SPEAR team brings together soldiers, spies, and academics from all across the earth… and some places beyond it… 

Armed with weapons beyond those of normal mortals, they are the only thing that stands in the way of the encroaching Nazi menace, and of unspeakable horrors from beyond the natural world that are somehow even worse.







Main Page

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